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Top-10 Reasons for .भारत Domain and @भारत for your brand and business

Top 10 reasons why fully-Indian domain names are a powerful tool for your brand and business:

  1. Creating a website with a fully Hindi domain name builds trust for the websites among Hindi readers, partners, media and government regulators. It also demonstrates the keen desire to offer a completely Hindi information service.
  2. Your web address eliminates the cognitive dissonance between your URL and your localized linguistic brand name.
  3. You will enjoy enhanced brand protection for your localized brand names.
  4. Your site's Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is enhanced, because your URLs will perfectly match your localized .भारतbrand names and messages.
  5. Your Email address on .भारतdomain will be less subject to spam and attacks. As spammers globally do not under .भारतscript.
  6. Fully-.भारतURLs greatly help consumer protections against phishing attacks. Indian netizens (and Govt of India) favor fully .भारतweb addresses because Indian netizens will be more easily able to spot phishing URLs when they're in Hindi.
  7. Fully-,भारतURLs accelerate the uptake of the Indian web for new netizens, with particularly good ease of use for rural people and cashed-up "silver surfers" (senior citizens).
  8. For a non-English person, Entering fully-.भारत web addresses on smart phones, tablets and Windows 10 PCs is much easier and faster than typing English web addresses.
  9. Powerful new promotional opportunities are created with the launch of own fully-.भारतdomain names. Publicity opportunities abound for new site launches or re-launches.
  10. New Non-English market opens up with better communication and comfort offered to customer along with support email address in the language customer is interested to communicate.
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