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Get Email Address In Hindi Language

In the Month of August 2016, Data Xgen Technologies Pvt Ltd has started offering Email Address in the native language with its IDN email software, XgenPlus. 

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology held a meeting with representatives of Google, Microsoft and Rediff in an effort to get technology corporations to support email addresses in local languages, starting with Hindi. This is an effort to allow citizens living in rural and semi-rural areas to have access to email.” a report by Tech.FirstPost
With the vision to support Government's Digital India, a Made In India product XgenPlus deployed IDN Email Services and has made it available for the people to communicate in their own language. Now any user can get the privilege of email address in any language such as Chinese, Japanese, french, Urdu, Bengali , Gujarati etc.

How Does IDN Email Works?

Basic concept of IDN email and it's working

Image Source: Wikipedia

IDN stands for Internationalized Domain Name. IDN email means email software that supports languages other than English. Our keyboards have only English characters that enable us to write in English.In general, the English characters gets encoded to ASCII characters(computer readable language) by the computer and send it to DNS(Domain name Server). To write in other languages there is an intermediate software or application which is called IDNA (Internationalized Domain Name Applications) that converts NON-ASCII characters found in Chinese , Japanese, French, Urdu, Hindi etc  into a language specific code by Punycode transcriptions in the format like xn--l1b6a7f7a1d that are supported by DNS. This is how the IDN email addresses are created in preferred languages. 

Examples of IDN Email Address

Image Source: https://www.xgenplus.com/idn-email-web-hosting/

Quick view of XgenPlus User Interface (Hindi)

Easy accessibility

Access and sync your latest emails, contacts edit or create your appointments wherever you go. XgenPlus services are available on all top applications, browsers, and smartphones.

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