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XGenPlus Launches Version 12 for Indian and Global Markets on August 1, 2011

Mumbai:  XGenPlus, world’s most advanced e-mail server launches XGenPlus Version 12 for Indian and Global markets on August 1, 2011. The advanced e-mail server has come-up with an in-built assignment module called Automated Inward Routing (AIR).
Automated Inward Routing is the module through which you can have automated rules to allow one email id of the organization being served by multiple agents with strict rules and responsibilities assigned to each agent automatically. For the first time ever, XgenPlus’s Version 12 service will provide an entire analysis report which will help reduce the tension of the bosses on whether the employees have finished the task for the day completely.

customer support
Automated Inward Routing(AIR)

The service which is one-of -its-kind amongst all the leading e-mail service providers present globally helps in creating a rule in Customer Care account to forward all incoming mails to Customer Care group. Also, all the mails coming to Customer Care agent mailbox are automatically assigned to different agents on Round Robin basis. The Customer Care Admin monitors the workload and performance of each agent through admin tab. AIR guarantees delivery report with the time and browser details as well as a MIS Report with the Mail (spam, read, unread, sent) details.
Mr. Ajay Data, Founder, XGenPlus commented, “AIR is a very powerful and useful tool as it automatically takes care of everything – right from assigning work maintaining load distribution to tracking the status of assignments. With AIR, agents will not have to continuously monitor the support mail account and administrators will not have to keep tracking every e-mail and work individually. Automated Inward Routing is yet another unique approach of XGenPlus in moving towards perfection and for becoming world’s most advanced e-mail server.”
See Live Demo of Xgenplus now
The entire post is published on : http://www.apnnews.com/2011/08/01/xgenplus-launches-version-12-for-indian-and-global-markets-on-august-1-2011/

Watch the entire video how Xgenplus work for customer support and Bpo/Kpo here:

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